Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Snowy Days

Everything looks better under a blanket of snow!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

bits and pieces

After gross negligence of my jewellery and my blog i have returned! i have cut down my hours and am now on a part time contract giving me time to realise what it is i want from life! The phrase i keep telling myself is to work to live, not live to work. My jewellery workshop has come a long way, from the sorry state it was at the begining of summer (as you can see above). There is still major work to be done, but this will have to be next summers project...plastering, re-roofing, painting etc. this is not best done in winter weather. but thats fine with me as i quite like it in its rough and ready state!

garden snaps

Ruth and Daniel's Wedding

My big sister ruth got married to her lovely fiance daniel on november the first in edinburgh castle, it was a gorgeous winters day. I had the very scary task of making their wedding pressure! hehe but it all went smoothly (eventually). and I felt so proud to be able to make their day even more special. Ruths ring was a platinum band with 5 diamonds gypsy set, and daniel's was a plain 18ct white gold band. I'll try get a photo of the rings and upload them onto blogger when they come back from their honeymoon!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Mixed Media neckpiece.
Silver, Gold-Leaf, Photograps, Skeleton Leaf.

Reticulated Silver and Ceramic Brooch
Gold Plated Buds

Silver and Mixed Media Brooch
Twisted and Forged Wire
Skeleton leaf

Monday, 9 June 2008

My Degree Show Space

Sketch Books and Images



Summer is here!

Burnt Shoulders and BBQ's! I am no longer a student and now officially unemployed! Time to get serious! Graduation is next week and New Designers soon after.

I have moved out of my student flat and come home to Aberdeen, my summer is going to be busy, hopefully get my pieces into galleries and make up a website.
I have an immense project of converting my parent's spider infested tool shed into a semi decent jewellery workshop of sorts! I think it will take longer than i can imagine. Weekends so far have been spent with my dad trying to haul all the bits and pieces (everything which has been dumped in the shed since we have lived in this house) down to the bottom of the garden and into the garage. it is a MAJOR and on-going project! but one i will enjoy.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Degree Show

Silver, Gold leaf and Skeleton leaf Neckpiece

Silver and Felt Brooches with Bud Details
Oxidised finish, Gold leaf Finish

Mechanical Brooch
Silver and Felt
Oxidised finish

Silver and Stamp Neckpiece

Silver Forged Stem and Bud Neckpiece
Gold plated, Oxidised Finishes

Silver Brooch Collection
Gold Plated, Oxidised and Gold leaf

The degree show is about half way through now, its been a strange week. i dont want it to end! i want to be a student forever! if you havent made it come along it finishes at 2 this saturday. here are some of the latest images of my work with my twin sister aimi modelling....

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Box Rings

photo etched silver and felt.

Photo Etched Silver

wallpaper print

my walk into uni

Skeleton Leaf Brooch

Silver brooch with forged stem with buds.
Twisted wire and skeleton leaf.

my very messy workbench!

hehe this is where the magic happens!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Ring Collection

This is my first collection of rings for my degree show. This series of seven explores my theme for giving pieces different finishes and textures. I love the contrast of highly polished pieces against rough. I kept these pieces mono chrome and oxidized certain features, highlighting areas. My pieces are always inspired by nature. This image was used for my postcard. I love the feel of this collection as every piece is slightly different. Eveyone has a different favourite! as the stems are forged none can be the exact same, giving them a different character, the pieces all grew organically like all my work. Working with what gives the piece the right balance and most pleasing to the eye.