Monday, 24 March 2008

Ring Collection

This is my first collection of rings for my degree show. This series of seven explores my theme for giving pieces different finishes and textures. I love the contrast of highly polished pieces against rough. I kept these pieces mono chrome and oxidized certain features, highlighting areas. My pieces are always inspired by nature. This image was used for my postcard. I love the feel of this collection as every piece is slightly different. Eveyone has a different favourite! as the stems are forged none can be the exact same, giving them a different character, the pieces all grew organically like all my work. Working with what gives the piece the right balance and most pleasing to the eye.


Emily said...

I love these rings!


Hollie said...

hello there love,

So did you decide on this one in the end for your postcard? Lovely image.

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Awww these are gorgeous! Urgh, I'm so nosey, hehe! Hope your talk with Roger today went well!

Lisa x

(one of the Ayr lassies!)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Donna :)

Nicola Wyllie said...

Ooh donna, vary nice!

Nic x